What’s a birthday without a cake?

Sugar? Yes please!
Nothing brings me joy like witnessing the genuine excitement rapidly developing into true joy whenever I deliver birthday cakes, especially to little girls. It’s that twinkle in the eye and  the ear to ear smile that satisfy my soul! It’s true what they say about little girls made out of sugar and spice and all things nice.

Growing up, whenever I would hear the word birthday, it meant one thing for me. Cake! I would immediately start imagining what the cake would look like, taste like and what it would feel like. It actually didn’t really matter whose birthday it was. Birthdays meant delicious cake indulgence and they still do!

Whether we like it or not, a birthday is not really a birthday without a delicious cake. Whether it’s lemon, chocolate,vanilla, red velvet or any other velvet you can think of, the birthday cake tradition will always be in everyone’s heart.
You can only imagine the love overdose I add in all the birthday cakes I bake, just because I love turning every birthday into a love story!

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One comment on “What’s a birthday without a cake?


I had the pleasure to taste your cakes and they are so delicious.A birthday is not complete without a cake from Demaries creations .


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